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About Us

Pacific Window Tint uses the latest film cutting computer technology to cut tint for cars and trucks. The advantage to using computer cut technology is the tint patterns fit perfectly and eliminate the possibility of damage to your car by cutting the tint on your car or truck windows. Our highly trained installers meticulously install the tint using various cleaning and finishing techniques leaving your car or truck windows with the best possible finish. All of our automotive films come with a lifetime warranty.


Pacific Window Tint offers an exclusive mobile service which brings our shop to you. We’ll tint your car or truck on site while you’re at work or in the comfort of your home. Our mobile service can bring convenience to tinting your RV, boat or tractor.  Our commercial and residential division provides window tint solutions for any business or home project. We offer architectural films, heat and glare control films, security film and anti-graffiti film.

Pacific Window Tint is the sole tint company in Stockton that is a California Licensed Contractor. All window tint installed in a home or business is considered an improvement and should be performed by a licensed contractor. Our installers use the same care and techniques as cars and trucks to install window film in homes and businesses providing the best possible finish.

Pacific Window Tint also specializes in any and all tint removal.

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